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Laser pistol Pioneer is designed for shooting disciplines in competitions Biathle / Triathle and shooting discipline of the Modern pentathlon.
Laser pistol Pioneer can be used for teaching and training shooting.
Pioneer is a single-shot pistol with cocking lever and simple trigger mechanism. Pistol has universal Right/Lefthand grip.


Technical specifications:

laser class: CLASS 2 LASER PRODUCT
wavelenght: 650 nm +/- 3%
divergence: max. 1 mrad
output: max. 3,4 mW
emmission duretion: 15,6 ms
operating temperature: +10°C až +30°C
weight: 0,72 kg
power supply: 4,5V DC (3 x AAA)
number of optical shots: min. 1 000 000 / +20°C

 Manual: Pioneer



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