About us

We are specialist for the production of laser weapons and target devices.

You can´t miss the target with us.


 APEOM was founded in 2000. We utilise our more than twenty years of experience with development and production of laser shooting simulators. APEOM is involved in development and production of opto-electronic equipment and its applications.

 The company's main mission is development and production of equipment for optical shooting. Our company's products were used during their victory at the 2012 Olympics in London by pentathlonists David Svoboda and Laura Asadauskaite.

We cooperate with sport associations such as the International Modern Pentathlon Union, the Czech Modern Pentathlon Union, the Czech Biathlon Union, the Union of Defensive Technical Sports, the Czech Shooting Union, etc.

We provide laser shooting ranges for recreation for agencies and organisers of recreational activities.
For the Modern Pentathlon Union, we ensure the leasing and operation of laser shooting ranges, including processing of shooting results and data for online TV graphics.

APEOM's shooting simulators are an essential aid used during training of military and police specialists.

APEOM participates in the development and production of industrial metering equipment used for measuring static and dynamic properties of cables, exploratory drilling locations, etc.