LPT Training Target Apeom

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LPT TrainingTargetApeom is used to target shooting training.

The target detects and evaluates instead of interfering with the laser beam emitted from the laser emitter. No special program or any computer is required to show the location of the hit. Just connect WIFI to the target and watch the results through your web browser. The results are displayed on-line in real time.
It can be used for example by mobile phone, tablet, iPhone, etc. The system is multiplatform, ie it does not matter on OS (Android, Windows, etc.), it is enough if the device has a WIFI and a web browser.
The place of the hit, the hit number, the Hit / Miss, the hit time, the time between the hits, the score, the overall score, the total shooting time, the size and the orientation of the tear. The shooting results can be saved to the archive and viewed backwards. In the competotion mode also shows virtual lights indicating Hit or Miss.
To one target can connect multiple devices to monitor the results of the shooting.
The tripod is not included.
                                        The target can be connect "micro display".

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