Laser Rifle E-Gun 301

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Laser Rifle E-Gun 301

Suitable for sports and fun shooting of children, young people and beginning shooters, indoor or outdoor. Standard sports gun stock universal for right-handers and lefthanders. Open sights are included in delivery. It is possible to use also other sights types (dioptre, scope). Recommended detector: Buddy, PopUp.

Technical parameters:

Laser class: I.
Wavelength: 650 až 670 nm
Trace size: max. 1 mrad
Power supply: 3 V DC or 4,5 V DC, according to version (1,5V, AA battery)
Number of optical shots: min. 500.000 at 20°C per one set of batteries
Recommended shooting distance: up to 50 m


Prospectus: E-Gun 300 series (PDF)

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