Laser Rifle E-Gun 203

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Suitable for summer biathlon training and sport events. Effective training instrument for shooting conditioning, it gives instructors an immediate objective estimation of shooter’s performance while aiming and triggering the firearm in association with Buddy detector. Sports junior stock. Diopter and a front sight are included in delivery. Single-action version, it is not possible to set number of electronic shots. Recommended detector: Buddy, Biathlon 50, Biathlon 50SB.

Technical parameters:

Laser class: I.
Wavelength: 650 až 670 nm
Trace size: max. 1 mrad
Power supply: 4,5 V DC, (1,5V, AA battery)
Number of optical shots: min. 5 000.000 at 20°C per one set of batteries
Recommended shooting distance: up to 50 m

Prospectus: E-Gun 203



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