Laser Popper PopUp R

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Laser Popper PopUp R

A set consisting of maximally five PopUp R detectors, connected with the PopUp R distributing board. The PopUp R detectors do not operate separately, but only in set. There is a cable run out of the detector, which is connected to a distributing board. The board is powered from the power supply. The set can be powered also from accumulators. The distributing board can be connected to the PopUp R Control Unit, by which a simple target situation can be controlled, when the basic target position stays fell down. The targets are lifted up for an optional period from 1 to 12 sec. The targets fall down after the hits or after the set time elapse. The control unit identifies optically hit targets.

Technical parameters:

Number of controlled detectors: up to 5 Pcs.
Detector cable length: 3 m
Distributing board Power supply: 9V DC (9V/1000 mA Power supply)
Target size: max. 70 x 150 mm
Target shape: unlimited
Hit evaluation: mechanically – falling backwards
Target activation: automatically
Activation time: 2 sec.
Detectors dimensions /w h d/: 95x45x200 mm
Distributing board dimensions /w h d/: 90x235x180 mm

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