Laser Beam UNI

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Laser Beam UNI

The Standard emitter is inserted into a firearm barrel by a fixing adapter. The fixing adapters enable to make use of the Laser Beam UNI emitter in small arms of any caliber. The laser beam emission is activated by stroke wave when the firearm cock falls. After inserting the Standard emitter into the firearm, it exceeds 35 mm from the barrel.

Technical parameters:

Laser class: I.
Wavelength: 630 až 680 nm
Trace size: max. 1 mrad
Power supply: 4,5 V DC (baterie 3 x 1,5V; AG10)
Number of optical shots: min. 500 000 při teplotě +20°C na jedny baterie
Recommended shooting distance: až 50 m
Standard fixing adapters: 22; .38; .40; .45; 7,65 mm; 9 mm

Documentation: Stáhnout Emitter UNI – 3D      Stáhnout UNI emitter in the gun – 3D

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