Control unit PopUp R

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Control unit PopUp R

The control unit serves to control PopUp R detectors. It is connected with distributing board by cable. The control unit helps to set a simple target situation, in which the targets are fell down. When triggering the target situation, the targets lift up and then again fall once being hit or after the set time elapse. The target hit is signalized optically. When the shooting is finished, there are only non-hit targets to be lifted, or it is possible to trigger a new target situation.

Technické parametry::

Number of connected detectors: up to 5
Interval of activation time setting: 1 to 12 sec/td>
Cable length: 15 m
Power supply: 9 V DC (from Distributing board)
Dimensions: 85 x 220 x 225 mm
Weight: 600 g
Operating temperature: +5°C až +40°C

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