Biatlon 50SB

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Biatlon 50SB

This is a laser variant of the normal biathlon target with flaps for shooting at 50 meters.
When the hit zone is hit by a laser rifle, this zone is covered by a white flap.
The hit zones are 115 mm in size and the target can also be switched for prone shooting, where a reduction plate is automatically moved in front of the zones to reduce the hit zone to 45 mm.
Suitable for summer biathlon training shooting at actual 50 meters.
When using a special laser rifle, this target functions as a Hit/Miss. It also has a sound module output that simulates the sounds of shooting. (Regular speakers with a 3.5mm jack plug into this output)
The target will reset itself after all 5 shots are hit, or after 50 seconds from the first hit if all 5 shots have not been hit within that time. The target can also be equipped with a remote control to manually restart and move the reduction plate.

Photos can be viewed here: 

Carlsbad Ski Sprint 2010

Prague Riverside Cross 2014

Video: CbSS 2010


Stáhnout Detector with cover closed - 3D      Stáhnout Detector with cover open - 3D

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