Barrel Emitter

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Barrel Emitter

The Barrel emitter is used in open-barrel firearms, substituting its’ live barrel. The Barrel emitter is ideal to drill firearm drawing from the scabbard. The emitter allows to practice shooting as with a live firearm, including gun lock cocking. There is a hammer protector integrated in the emitter. The laser beam emission is activated by stroke wave when the firearm cock falls.

Technical parameters:

Laser class: I.
Wavelength: 630 - 670 nm
Trace size: max. 1 mrad
Power supply: 6 V DC (baterie 1 x 6V; GP11A)
Number of optical shots: up to 5 000 at 20 ° C per one set of batteries
Recommended shooting distance: 1 to 25 m

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